Monday, September 19, 2016

Awesome Fun Fall Activties To Do For This Year

Fall is definitely my favorite time of the year. So much fun things to do and so many outfits to rock. The weather is not to hot and not cold, it's just right. I love hanging out with friends, bonfires and wear wearing cute sweaters. Here are some great things I love to do for fall.

1. Going to my local park
I just loving seeing the trees turning colors and the crisp feeling of the wind on my skin. Luckily were I live natural is all around me so it's not that hard to see the trees changing colors.

2. Going to bonfires
Bonfires are a great way to hang with friends and just have a night of gazing at the stars. Let's not forget making s'mores.  I mean chocolates, marshmallows, and grahams crackers are like the perfect combinations.

3. Apple Picking
Do I have to say more, its the perfect place for you to get creative in your outfit style. Just make sure it's not to muddy and don't where anything white. Rock some nice tall boots, wear your favorite plaid shirt, and lastly a nice vest.

4. Take a hike
I love hiking, something about it just makes my feel down to earth. Its a get exercise and you get to work some cute boots ( I personally want to work some awesome timberland's one day). 

5. Bake or Buy Apple Pie
I have already eaten about three pies for the season. Apple pie is a must for me especially Dutch Apple Pie.   

6. Watch a Halloween Movie
I hate scary things so my scary movies consist of Disney movies.
1. The Nightmare Before Christmas
2. The Corpse Bride
3. Zenon 21st Century Girl

7. Have a Drink
My favorite drinks for fall is apple cider (cold), eggnog, hot apple cinnamon tea, and of course Pumpkin Spice anything. 

8. Just taking a drive
Ain't nothing like taking a drive and seeing all the leaves falling on your car.

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