About Becky

1. Who am I?
My name is Rebecca James (but my friends call me Becky)

2. Where and when was I born?
I was born in Brooklyn, New York on March 1, 1996 ( which means I am 20)

3. Favorite Color?
It depends on the day, but most of the time its either blue or purple.

4. What advice would I give to myself 3 years ago?
That you are beautiful, amazing and no one can tell you otherwise.

5.What am I most grateful for in life?
I am definitely grateful for my family and friends. They have help me become the women I am today.

6. Why did I start a blog?
Well I wanted to help ladies just be happy with themselves. If I could at least help or inspires someone on my blog, then I would be the happiest person in the world. I wanted a place where I could come and share my thoughts.

7. How would I describe myself?
I am so outgoing, I love makeup (well duh, it's in my tagline). Dancing and singing makes me happy and I am a little hesitant to try new things. I am slowly learning that changing is not necessarily all bad.

8. What is my biggest goals and dreams?
My dream one day is live in California. My goal is to be happy and comfortable in who I am.

9. My celebrity crush?
Ok, I am a big believer. Justin Bieber all the way.

10. What would I want to say to myself 1 year in the future?
Stay Fabulous, always stay true to yourself and never be afraid of being you.

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